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Secure your digital transformation with identity analytics

A powerful data model

Identity GRC stores all your data and displays them via its web portal as global “picture” to view of your IT system.

The solution enables you to easily navigate in-depth within your data model.

Continuous control & automated review campaigns

Brainwave Identity GRC automates the continuous control of access rights and authorizations in order to verify the security policy’s proper application and detect toxic or excessive access rights.

Contextualized analyses and reporting

Identity GRC provides over 200 ready to use reports available on its web portal as well as the possibility to conduct surface or in-depth analyses at any time according to your needs and context.

Brainwave Identity GRC enables you to quickly and easily answer your compliance requirements and diminish your risk exposure to data leaks or fraud. Its Identity Analytics innovative technology enables you to control and continuously manage user access rights and their behaviors.

This inventory, based on users, applications, data, log files, is stored in the Brainwave Identity GRC data model and analyzed by its powerful analytics engine. It enables you to navigate through any dimension (user angle, account or organization angle, per risk, etc) in order to enjoy a global visibility and identify risks.

Identity analytics’s power serving your needs

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