Easily implement SoD and GRC for financial systems

Brainwave GRC solution


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Automate the implementation of your segregation of duties (SoD) policy

Mitigate potential and proven fraud risks

A transversal solution to reconcile compliance, security, cost reduction and fast implementation regarding SoD.

Automated continuous control

Simplify your internal control system all the while reinforcing your organization’s security and compliance. Enjoy greater visibility and reaction capability with Brainwave Identity GRC.

Remediation plans can be easily followed, all the way to checking that modifications have been made in the IT system.

Evaluate and reduce risk exposure

With this Brainwave GRC solution, pro-actively evaluate risks by easily implementing an SoD matrix in order to align security policy with access rights inventory and user behaviors at application level or even at a whole business process level.

Facilitate collaboration between the involved actors

Facilitate exchanges between IT and security teams and internal control thanks to Brainwave GRC solutions.

The Brainwave GRC booster gives access to a unique platform for all the actors involved and establish a common repository.

It is a cross application and cross system GRC solution with a strong and unique added-value. It easily and perfectly adapts to any ERP environment and can cover the perimeter you need, big or small.

Thanks to Brainwave Identity GRC, you can, at all organization levels:

  • Improve visbility on risk factors
  • Take appropriate measures regarding risks
  • Reduce “faux positifs”
  • Enjoy visibility on potential risks all the way to proven risks


Understand what risk factors there can be, share with concerned business units and actors, anticipate the impact and consequences on your company and take the best decisions.

Detect and mitigate any fraud risks and identify potential human errors

Preventive detection of potential fraud risks

Notifications in case of proven risk of fraud to counter financial loss risks

Management of fine-grained access rights, exceptions and compensatory controls

False positives limitation by evaluations over all applications (log analysis)

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