Data governance and gdpr compliance

Brainwave GRC solution
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Continuously ensure your data’s security and compliance

Structured & unstructured data – on premise and in the cloud

Access rights inventory

The solution enables you to automate the inventory of all the access rights to your company’s assets and resources.

Autothorization analysis helps you instantly answer questions such as: “Who accessed this repository? What are Mr Doe’s access rights?”. The automated analyses consolidate all changes and enable you to detect for example shared files who have been set on public access by mistake or user accounts remaining active after these people have left the company.

Optimization of audit and reporting processes

For a one-time investigation (forensic) or a regular audit, you can use the solutoon to navigate within your data model and quickly detect any suspect activity or anormaly.

Take advantage from the many standard reports and data for your compliance audits (SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, etc).

Brainwave GRC automates access rights continuous control over all structured and unstructured data that need to be audited.

Data owners identification & data classification

This identification is operated thanks to the solution’s statistical algorithms based on data and accesses analysis. With the solution, manage owner changes all along the information’s life cycle.

Data classification with us enables you to identify sensitive data that need special security and to evaluate your files’ sensitivity level.

Visualizing at risk zones can be done immediately and enable you to focus on critical zones.

Ensure and maintain your GDPR compliance level

GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation is becoming the new European legislative standard regarding personal data protection. All European and international organizations operating or using personal data attached to European citizens will have to comply to it by the 25th of May 2018.

Automate your data governance

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