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Brainwave GRC MarketPlace

Visit the online Brainwave GRC platform to download add-ons and access boosters

The Brainwave GRC Marketplace  is an on-line store designed to help people and organizations to discover, purchase, and to install new applications, modules or features to spread Brainwave Identity GRC’s functional capacities according to specific needs.

The applications, modules or features are offered by Brainwave, as well as through the partner and developer Brainwave community. 

More than 40 Brainwave applications are already available, such as:

  • Microsoft SQL Server accounts and permissions extraction and loading – sample
  • SAP data loading: accounts, roles and transactions
  • Microsoft Sharepoint – connectors, pages and reports
  • ServiceNow ITSM workflow integration
  • Google Drive – connectors, pages and analytics reports
  • Microsoft Active Directory – data extraction and collect
  • Windows Shared Folders rights – data extraction and collect

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