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Brainwave GRC partners

tHE BRAINWAVE GRC partner program

Benefit from significant partner advantages

The Brainwave GRC partner program enables you to:

  • differentiate yourself from competitors in terms of offer
  • accelerate your sales cycles
  • generate new sources of revenue all the while providing real added-value to your clients
Benefit from sales and implementation tools
Beyond our top technologies,  Brainwave GRC enables you to access a set of optimal resources in order to help you smoothly conduct sales and implementation phases and follow at the same time maintenance and training sessions.
Take advantage of extensive trainings fitting your needs
The training process, via a technological Brainwave GRC certification for your consultants, guarantees our partners’ professionalization and quality of service for our clients.
Our goal is to generate new sources of revenue for our partners all the while offering the best solutions to our clients.

A unique analytics platform for your consultants

Brainwave GRC provides a unique governance and analytics solution which includes a wide set of innovative cyber risks governance tools. Brainwave Identity GRC enables you to maximize your analytics services and expertise over the IT system or remediation campaigns. It also enables you to maintain your clients’ trust by providing fast, adequate and targeted answers.

Raise awareness, automate, optimize

Easily raise awareness for your clients regarding the use of regular analytics over their IT systems 
Deliver a 360° vision of any IT system, directly highlighting elements to remediate, abnormal situations and toxic combinations.
Automate analytics procedures to save time and increase productivity 
Regularly and effortlessly create edit reports and create audits and analytics campaigns for your clients’ ecosystems. Capitalise on your previous analyses and offer more than your competitors by contextualizing results of IAM or SIEM tools.
Continuously optimize your methods and processes
Build the best possible recommandations by using informations you don’t nromally have in hand and which are accessible thanks to Brainwave Identity GRC’s unique features.