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Automate processes from data extraction to security risks analysis and accounts/permissions review

Lots of data extractors are already available on the Brainwave GRC Marketplace, allowing you to automate your data extractions and save significant time and efforts! By doing so, you can easily increase the frequency of your audits and analyses throughout the year, be more proactive and efficient and mitigate your security risks.


Extract data easily using Brainwave GRC add-ons

Data extractors for systems such as FTP and SFTP add-ons allow you to extract data from distant servers. Also, all the extractors for the Miscrosoft suite are available on the Marketplace for download: SQL servers, Active Directory, Shared folders, Exchange and Sharepoint.

You will also find an LDAP add-on, allowing you to extract data from any directory.

Extracting data from cloud applications has never been so easy

You can also automate easily extraction from cloud applications using the JSON REST add-on for applications that publish data on the web using JSON/REST, but also OKTA add-on for cloud applications using OKTA technologies.

If you use Forgerock OpenIDM for your identity provisioning projects, download the related extractor add-on.

You will also fin specific data extractors available for cloud applications – in the Google Drive booster for example – to highlight security risks regarding Google drive data.


Automate authorization objects extraction, regardless of the system and application

By doing so, you are able to automate from end-to-end the generation of reports and dashboards, but also review campaigns’ execution, whatever the systems and applications are.


These extractors are already available on the Brainwave GRC marketplace and can be installed in just a few clicks.