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Discover the Access Certification Campaigns that Work with Brainwave GRC, EIC 2019, Munich

Access Certification Campaigns that Work
May 16,2019: 2.50 pm

Access Certification is the process of validating access rights within systems. This mandatory process is at the cornerstone of most of the security policies and compliance frameworks; however, it can be a very daunting process for some organizations with dispersed systems, workforce and partners who do not tools, resources or a centralized identity directory. With Access Certification, organizations and their regulations aim to formally validate users within systems and ensure their access rights are appropriate.

Access Certifications are no longer limited to reviewing an Identity and Access Management (IAM) role model. Both digital transformation initiatives and new compliance constraints such as GDPR raise the need to deploy access certifications campaigns accross the company to migitate new risks. Who can access to personal data? Who can leverage privileged accounts? Are the SoD risks properly alleviated? Are third-party managed systems access rights aligned with the security policy? To sumarize, Access Certification is a resourceful way of industrializing controls to mitigate risks and ensure compliance.

This raises new challenges. First, how does one review any kind of information, whether or not it is managed through a legacy IAM system, and more importantly, how does one get the Access Certification to work, given the fact that a business user will spend no more than 3 minutes to review these entries?

During this conference, we will describe a framework used to successfully deploy Access Certification campaigns within months and demonstrate through a live demo that it is possible to efficiently review 2000 entries within 3 minutes with the help of Identity Analytics algorithms.

Sébastien Faivre

Brainwave GRC

Key takeways:

– An actionable framework to successfully deploy Access Certification campaigns
– An innovative way of reviewing thousands of entries within minutes
– Access Certification interfaces that business users prefer

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May 7, 2019

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