The annual’s UK Gartner Summit dedicated to IDENTITY
& ACCESS MANAGEMENT  leaders will take place 7-8 march 

Today’s IAM leaders are positioned to help the business thrive in the evolving digital landscape. Tracks are tailored to the priorities of the IAM leaders” of the Gartner IAM Summit 2019 ”.

 1- IAM Strategy and Program Management : to get the information you need to align your IAM strategy with corporate goals, build an IAM roadmap with attainable milestones, organize project resources and measure project success. To learn how to avoid common pitfalls through best practices and lessons learned from successful and not-so-successful IAM programs.

2- Identity Governance and Administration : to learn practical Identity governance and administration to reduce operational overhead, streamline operations, minimize risk and comply with regulations. To explore next-gen identity architecture and technologies.

3- Trust, Authentication and Fraud Prevention : to explore continuous adaptive risk and trust models. To learn how analytics, biometrics and other advanced authentication methods help provide frictionless access, improve security and prevent fraud.

4- Access Management and Authorisation : security, risk, privacy and IAM must be aligned. There are process, organizational, functional and technology overlaps that should be considered so that you can maximize your investments and have a robust, multifaceted approach to IAM.

Attending Gartner IAM Summit 2019 can help you take a strategic approach to risk, improve business and data resilience, build digital trust and implement a new generation of continuously adaptive security strategies.

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